Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Harry Potter and the octopus

So octopuses (octopi? ) are amazing, probably the best animal ever. They're massive, can squeeze through a hole the size of a tennis ball, and have their own langauge. Crazy, right?

I just thought I'd share that little burst of octopus love,

Also! Harry Potter comes out next week! I'm excited. The last film was kind of a let down but hopefully this one will be better, or at least not as crap. Personally, I think the films would all be way better if Harry and Ginny were cut out completely and the whole thing was just a big montage of Fred and George, and maybe Ron. That's probably just me though...

Seeing as this entry just seems to be a collection of irrelevant information, heres a video:

I was never a huge fan of MCR back when every other 14 year old seemed to be (it's def still all about fall out boy haha) but I've always listened to them a bit every now and then, and I'm now in love with their new song.
I feel 14 now, I should go cut my fringe over my eyes and wear way too much makeup all over again.

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