Sunday, 31 October 2010

Been listening to iamx all day :)

Welsh people are probably the nicest kind of people you can talk to. When I was up aberystwyth (erm, I definitely don't still have to spellcheck that...) on friday every person I spoke to was lovely- a Welsh man even offered me and Tasha his chips when he heard us talking about being hungry. We didn't actually accept them as you know, random stranger, but it was a lovely thing to do. The university was amazing, to, the campus has everything on it I could possibly want. I wish I'd had a camera! It was all mountains and seaside and little bars and clubs everywhere. And a milkshake parlour! the milkshake parlour basically had me sold on the place, if I'm honest....

So yeah, I promised to do something useful with this blog; ima do that when I have the time, as right now I only have a few minutes to write this before I go off and do about five seperate pieces of work for tommorow...or cry into my hands and watch QI instead. Probably the latter one. I need to get my life organised, for reals.


Thursday, 28 October 2010

The sky's still bloody grey

This morning was an early start for me, which wasn't really planned. My mum, realising I wasn't going to get up after she heard me hit the snooze button about eight times, decided to use her favourite method of waking me up and sent in the dogs. Nothing gets me alert like having one rottweiler sit on my chest while the other licks my face, while the other one rummages around for socks/underwear/coursework to chew up.

In other news, I've decided I'm going to do something useful to with this blog! As a friend pointed out to me, me wanting to do an English degree and all, I could use this blog in my personal statement if I made it more focused on something. I'm not sure excactly what that something is, yet, but expect great things haha. I think I might try addressing issues, not neccesarily big political or environmental ones (I'm not one of those people who have never read a newspaper or anything, but I know I'll sound like a douche if I start going off on one about things I'm not knowledgable enough to argue about) but maybe more personal, relatable ones, like being happy or whatever. I'll be like a Cosmo magazine without the superficial-ness haha. I might even go crazy and throw some book/album/film reviews in there later on. So yeah, watch this space.

Or don't, as I have a terrible habit of not following ideas through....

seeyaz :) xx 

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

It's actually been a pretty productive day! Finished some artist research on Leonardo Da Vinci, did a study on the Vitruvian man and now I'm writing up some more stuff for the renaissance. Artist research is probably the most boring thing ever but it has to be done. I'm starting to reget choosing the history of the human form as my topic this term tbh as I couldn't have chosen a broader topic if  I tried : /
What else :) I'm going to Wales on friday with my friend Tasha. Well looking forward to the 5 in the morning start, the probable rain and 5 hour train journey (and Tash's temper hahaha) , but I suppose the uni will probably be worth it. It looks like the prettiest location for a university ever, really, mountains behind you and the seaside right in front of you. I just hope it's not a ghost town, I don't really want to go all the way to Aberwrystwyth only to realise theres not any clubs or bars.
In other more important news than my acedemic future, my dogs are barking at the chickens again, so ima leave :)

Night :) xx


Mood Lifter :) certainly works for me

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hello :) 
I'm not really sure how I feel about this whole blogging business- I know this is my first sentence and I probably shouldn't already be doubting myself lmao, but the idea of anyone being able to read this doesn't really feel too good. Though, I don't suppose letting people- meaning anyone who happens to come across this page- nose into my affairs as they please should feel amazing initally anyway. 
Still having a blog just gives me something else to procrastinate with, so I shouldn't complain. If theres one thing I'm amazing at, it's putting other things off :)  my personal statement, EPQ thing and reading Great Expectations (worst book ever written, by the way) being just a few prime examples.
I've had a great time avoiding all those things so far though- today I slept round my friend Jon's (oh hai Jon, what a convenient time to make a shoutout aha) with a few people, watched films and whatever. came home and listened to Patrick Wolf and Bowie for the whole day and did some drawing :) lovely way to spend a rainy evening.

Anyway I've probably bored you enough, so ima go do something else with my time now, like watch more films and draw more, or maybe drink my like 5th cup of tea of today, lol :)

-Jade x