Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hello :) 
I'm not really sure how I feel about this whole blogging business- I know this is my first sentence and I probably shouldn't already be doubting myself lmao, but the idea of anyone being able to read this doesn't really feel too good. Though, I don't suppose letting people- meaning anyone who happens to come across this page- nose into my affairs as they please should feel amazing initally anyway. 
Still having a blog just gives me something else to procrastinate with, so I shouldn't complain. If theres one thing I'm amazing at, it's putting other things off :)  my personal statement, EPQ thing and reading Great Expectations (worst book ever written, by the way) being just a few prime examples.
I've had a great time avoiding all those things so far though- today I slept round my friend Jon's (oh hai Jon, what a convenient time to make a shoutout aha) with a few people, watched films and whatever. came home and listened to Patrick Wolf and Bowie for the whole day and did some drawing :) lovely way to spend a rainy evening.

Anyway I've probably bored you enough, so ima go do something else with my time now, like watch more films and draw more, or maybe drink my like 5th cup of tea of today, lol :)

-Jade x 

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