Wednesday, 27 October 2010

It's actually been a pretty productive day! Finished some artist research on Leonardo Da Vinci, did a study on the Vitruvian man and now I'm writing up some more stuff for the renaissance. Artist research is probably the most boring thing ever but it has to be done. I'm starting to reget choosing the history of the human form as my topic this term tbh as I couldn't have chosen a broader topic if  I tried : /
What else :) I'm going to Wales on friday with my friend Tasha. Well looking forward to the 5 in the morning start, the probable rain and 5 hour train journey (and Tash's temper hahaha) , but I suppose the uni will probably be worth it. It looks like the prettiest location for a university ever, really, mountains behind you and the seaside right in front of you. I just hope it's not a ghost town, I don't really want to go all the way to Aberwrystwyth only to realise theres not any clubs or bars.
In other more important news than my acedemic future, my dogs are barking at the chickens again, so ima leave :)

Night :) xx


Mood Lifter :) certainly works for me

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