Sunday, 31 October 2010

Been listening to iamx all day :)

Welsh people are probably the nicest kind of people you can talk to. When I was up aberystwyth (erm, I definitely don't still have to spellcheck that...) on friday every person I spoke to was lovely- a Welsh man even offered me and Tasha his chips when he heard us talking about being hungry. We didn't actually accept them as you know, random stranger, but it was a lovely thing to do. The university was amazing, to, the campus has everything on it I could possibly want. I wish I'd had a camera! It was all mountains and seaside and little bars and clubs everywhere. And a milkshake parlour! the milkshake parlour basically had me sold on the place, if I'm honest....

So yeah, I promised to do something useful with this blog; ima do that when I have the time, as right now I only have a few minutes to write this before I go off and do about five seperate pieces of work for tommorow...or cry into my hands and watch QI instead. Probably the latter one. I need to get my life organised, for reals.


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